“More energy at the end of the day”

C. Phillips

Toronto, Ontario

Therapeutic Touch

A rebalancing of your body’s energy field providing a fresh foundation for self healing, relaxation rejuvenation and a peaceful night’s rest for good measure. Offering the gift of an almost instant relaxation response, gentle by nature Therapeutic Touch does not involve pressure, manipulation or massage.

Therapeutic Touch (TT) is used for its capacity to:

• Boost Immune System
• Calm the central nervous system
• Assist in the recovery of Illness, Injury and Operations
• Reduce Pain
• Improve joint mobility, including arthritis and fibromyalgia
• Eases muscle tension, and children’s growing pains
• Helps with trauma, PTSD, Sadness and Grief
• Reduction of Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Migraines
• Accelerates Personal Development
• Helps body and mind to Relax, Unwind and Re-charge
• Ease Insomnia, Sleep Disruption and assists children and adults alike to settle in for the night.

Internationally known throughout the clinical and medical field for effectively assisting in the body’s natural healing ability, I’ve been privileged to provide Therapeutic Touch for roughly 10 years to Wellspring Halton-Peel Oakville in support of cancer patients and their family members.

Services Include:

Your personal choice of either sitting in a comfortable chair, or resting horizontal while wearing comfortable clothing in a tranquil calm relaxing environment.

Identifying your personal preference of receiving an entirely hands off energy session, which entails a sweeping hands motion above the skin surface. Or, a noninvasive gentle hand on/off combination. As either method is able will achieve the same effect of assessing, clearing and rebalancing the energy field in and around your body.

One Hour Personalized Session; $100.00 Plus travel time
Distance Healing Sessions are also Effective and Available; $125


Please Note: This modality is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please consult your general practitioner

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