“Nothing short of awe-inspiring!”

K. Hamilton Toronto, Ontario

Tarot Reading of the Soul

Ever wonder about your job or relationships? Think bigger! Our sole purpose is to help you understand your life path, where you’re going and what your soul intended to accomplish during this life time. This experience will satisfy your curious mind with what is still to come as the strongest possibilities on your current life’s path. Help bring you closer to your life purpose, and empower you to overcome obstacles with the intention of success in the process.

• Do you ever wonder why you were born, or what you’re here to do?
• Do you wonder why you can’t seem to move forward in life?
• Do you feel stuck?
• A Soul Reading will help you find the answers!

Revealing your current life’s path and future through the visual aid of Tarot, this soul reading is designed to empower you through life’s obstacles. Help you obtain a deeper understanding of your life purpose, and give you a glimpse of an eye-opening future as channeled through the wisdom of your spirit guides. This reading takes on a life of its own drawing attention to, and confirming the life you were born to experience and discover.

Sessions vary from 1 – 1.5 hours at a rate of $125.00 per hour.

Services Include:

• 1 – 1.5 hour private session in person or telephone which provides a full reading of your emotional, financial and spiritual well being.
• A supportive review of how to implement the insights revealed within your reading.

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