Diane Wargalla is an author, medium, empath, mentor, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur.


Taking the principles from the latest scientific research in quantum physics, Diane translates this seemingly obscure branch of science and puts it into profoundly exciting practical application for daily living, so it become as natural as breathing. This is how she lives her life, and believes once her translation is understood, it not only can, but will be, the catalyst that transforms your entire life and allows you to live the life you desire.


Diane’s ability to make a difference in other people’s lives and manifest her life, including her previous career where she led the National Communications Group for Citigroup, the largest financial institution in the world at the time, has led to many remarkable breakthroughs and achievements. This included her promotion to management at Citigroup, where she led the national team across Canada.


Born in Toronto, Ontario, Diane feels most at home on the Southern shores of Nova Scotia visiting her relatives and is a descendant of First Nations Métis. Diane has an innate knowing that she has a deep connection and unity with all that surrounds her in the universe, as a natural way of being. What she has also discovered is, that this is foundational concept of First Nations philosophy.


Diane was personally invited by world renowned scientist Dr. William Tiller, who appeared in “What the Bleep Do We Know!?”, to be a member of the Psychotronics Society of America and participate in his Consciousness Field Project. The Consciousness Field Project was developed by Deepak Chopra and the Merraki Institute. This 18-month research project utilized research from Dr. Tiller and Dr. Gabriele Hilberg, merging the fields of psychology, physics, and consciousness.


Diane is well versed and experienced in assisting you to create the breakthroughs you desire and develop your abilities to access information that comes through from other dimensions of reality.


She works with individuals to help them to recognize their own natural abilities, the ones that work in concert with and beyond their own five senses. Her knowledge and skill can help you to explore the next part of your amazing life’s journey!


Diane is an accomplished public speaker who uses her powerful storytelling skills to reach out and touch the child-like curiosity that lies with each of us. She speaks to your innate wisdom as you polish and develop your skills, as well as exploring your natural abilities.


Diane currently lives in Canada. Through her work with individuals, video series, and writing, Diane invites you to join her in connecting with the physical and Spirit World that surrounds and connects us as one!

I would love to hear from you!


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