“My wife is happier when she
 walks through the door”

C. Phillips

Toronto, Ontario

Home & Business Energy Clearing

Removes distasteful conversations and behaviors that remain in the memory of the walls and foundation of our homes and businesses. Whether you’re receiving an unsettling feeling in a general or specific area of the building, this unsettling experience may go so far as to include sleep deprivation. Realtors, home and business owners alike have reported this energy sanitization has provided them with the comfort and cohesive balance they were looking for.

• Are you subjected to an unsettling feeling when entering an area of your home? 
• Do you or your children having difficulty with sleep issues? 
• Ever encounter an unsettling feeling, seeing, hearing or fragrance of unexplainable disturbances? 

Sought out by home owners, Real-estate Agents and businesses, this highly sought-after energy clearing provides a discharge of unwanted energy imprints currently rooted in the foundation, walls and contents of the buildings we are exposed to on a daily bases. Particularly with children as they are the most sensitive to the spirit world and can result in sleep disturbance. 

Understanding that all things have and hold energy memory explains how some objects or buildings can bring us joy, while others an uneasiness that can seemingly take on an unsettling personality of its own.  

This energy clearing service provides the opportunity to discharge the conflicting energy and re-establish a balanced energy frequency in accord with a natural harmonious vibration of the planet.

Starting Fee of $350.00 

Services Include:

• Personalized on site comprehensive assessment, with an unbiased objective of detecting and communicating with any extraordinary energy sources. 
• Review findings with client, providing personalized recommendations in regard to course of action to release undesired energy and re-establish coherent unity with Universal love. 
• Follow up consultation with the client, ensuring optimal results were achieved, and client peace of mind, restored.  


Please Note: Fee criteria will be reviewed during initial contact, discussed and confirmed following onsite comprehensive assessment.

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